165 The Iron Sect Returns to the Continent 11

The Rose sect did not seem to want to participate in this first batch, Zhang Yi thought that perhaps the sect's master might be wondering what the maximum amount a pill would offer, but Zhang Yi thought it was a waste for a major sect to lose a lot like this.

Unexpectedly the Ice cult seemed to want to buy this lot of pills, it was unexpected because as the Ice cult was reclusive from the mainland, the members of that sect usually did not do business with the mainland trading companies.

Soon the value of this lot surpassed 25,000 high-end spiritual stones and exceeded Jin Lingxin's expectations, it seemed that he had underestimated people's desire for this pill, who was offering the Ice sect and a Very powerful mortal tribulation realm warrior.

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This was a lone warrior who had a member of his family who was known as one of the continent's greatest geniuses and was in the core creation realm at the age of 25 and in the middle tier.

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