10 The Iron Sect 1

After entering the matrix Zhang Yi had to adapt for a while because he was never in an illusion, and as the deacon did not explain what he had to do he took his time, so he began to analyze something that looked like a panel, and this panel was full of colors, so he started counting colors and quickly realized he had 22 colors and after a while he thought the colors were fake.

So he discovered on his own that this was an illusion.

Outside the deacon was getting impatient, it would normally take only a few moments for the disciples of the sect to discover how many colors he had and speak, but this boy was there a few minutes ago and said nothing.

"You do not know yet?"

Cried the angry deacon.

"Know what?"

It was then that the deacon realized that as he was accustomed to guiding disciples of the sect here he forgot to tell Zhang Yi which was to say how many colors he saw while he was inside, so while he was a little ashamed to have shouted without reason the deacon said quietly.

"This proof is for you to tell me how many colors it has inside the matrix."

"How many colors? There are 22 colors on the panel. "

As soon as the deacon heard Zhang Yi's response he was immediately shocked, as he knew that it was not possible to lie within the womb he knew that this master was right and that this boy was an unrivaled genius if he knew all the colors in the womb , Zhang Yi should have an incredible perception.

"So, please, come this far and I'll take you to the other test just for reference."

When Zhang Yi left the womb the deacon immediately changed to a form of polite speech to talk to him, after all, he was not crazy, with this talent in a few tens of years at most Zhang Yi would be stronger than him, after Zhang Yi would receive the concentration of sect resources going forward, he did not want to get on the wrong side with Zhang Yi.

Even if the talent of Zhang Yi's body was not good, it did not matter, because to the sect the perception is always more important.

In the test of the crystal ball Zhang Yi would only have to by the hand in the sphere, if the sphere glittered with the bronze color the people passed if it shone with the silver color the people had talent, if it shone the gold color this person could be an old man or a sect master, and if it shone black then it would be a sect master at a minimum.

Zhang Yi put his hand on the ball and the color quickly turned bright black, the deacon's heart stopped at that moment, when he managed to breathe he turned red with excitement and thought it was lucky that he was doing this recruiting because he was loyal to the sect, because if he was a spy from another sect he would have killed Zhang Yi immediately.

Zhang Yi was the future of the sect, surely if he were not to rise to the divine plan he would be the future master of the sect or at least a mighty elder.

So if before he had to treat Zhang Yi well now the deacon could even call him grandfather to show due respect, so he sent Zhang Yi to wait and went to call one of the senior elders.

"Elder, sorry for disturbing your cultivation, but this is an urgent matter that needs your presence, I ask you to have a meeting with you."

"Is it deacon Mu Zhao? I hope it's more important you were lucky I had left my cultivation temporarily between. "

So the deacon Zhao entered the special room of cultivation of the Elder.

The Elder who was waiting in the room was a middle-aged man with white hair and a face that looked like someone quite strict and correct.

The name of this Elder was Zhao Shen and he was known as Elder Shen, he was one of the strongest Elders of the Iron sect, he had lived for thousands of years and always cultivated, the reason the deacon Zhao had the courage to call this Elder was because he was known to be very loyal and righteous sect, in addition to being very powerful, was the best person the deacon thought to take care of Zhang Yi in the sect.

"Elder, if you can forgive my daring, will you raise a sound barrier in your living room? the matter is very important, it can mean the life and death of the sect. "

At first, when he heard the deacon's request he almost threw him out of his room, but when he heard that it was for the life and death of the sect he took it more seriously and lifted the sound barrier.

"I already raised the barrier to speak."

"Elder appeared a young man today in front of our door saying that a great master who could fly appeared in front of him and said that he was very talented, so he sent him to our sect saying it was the right place for him, so still the gave money, as the young man did not think a master would play with him and would even waste money for nothing the young man took courage and came here.

"As the guards found the story plausible and dared not offend an unknown master, they came to call me, I also became interested in the subject and went to see."

"The young man was only 12 years old and since he had no cultivation I took him to take the talent test."

When he reached that point the deacon took a breath before telling the most important part.

"So in the matrix tests to find out how many colors they had he discovered all 22 colors and said that inside the array."

When the Elder heard this he got up and got a little restless he had just hit 20 colors that were already incredible and got where he was today, just so that would be reason enough to call him more seemed by the face in the deacon who not yet was over.

"Then I took the young man to the body test on the ball just for convenience and come here to warn, plus he did the body talent test and the ball became black shining, so I left him waiting and I came immediately here."

After hearing that the test of the sphere became black the Elder lost his calm facade and was shocked, a double divine talent, it was almost certain that he would enter the divine plan if no accident happened to the Elder understood the urgency of the deacon and also knew that the deacon was truly faithful to the sect, as the deacon knew, it was also clear that a spy would kill this young man immediately.

The Elder calmed down after much difficulty and looked at the deacon whom he now considered to be one of his men, he could not help liking someone so faithful to his cult.

"Deacon Zhao, you have done great merit for this sect coming to me today, from now on if you want you will be one of my trusted men within the sect."

So said Elder Shen looking warmly at the deacon Zhao, when the deacon heard this he was immediately excited, he did not expect that just by doing his job he would get a huge chance like that, after all, to be one of Elder's trusted men either saying that he would receive more cultivation resources, not to mention more status within the sect, people would respect him more.

"Of course I accept, it is a great honor for this Mu Zhao to be one of Elder Shen's men, I will remember this grace for life."

"Good, very good, Deacon Zhao, I want to do the following on this subject, as we can not know who the spies are in our sect, we're going to have to keep this test a secret, just between us, I'm going to take this young man as my chief disciple only in name to deceive others, and so he may receive the same amount of resources by his talents, what is the name of this young man? "

"His name is Zhang Yi, I agree with everything the Elder said, plus what we're going to do about the master who brought him here, he must know of the talents of Zhang Yi to have recommended him here."

"Well remembered, I almost forgot about this master, probably this master has a cultivation greater or equal mine and did not know his exact talent he should have only realized that the spiritual energy circulated more strongly around him, if he knew the exact talent he would have given up the hunt and brought him back to his sect, if he comes here I thank him and send him away. "

Of course, Elder Shen did not think to bring someone from this level of talent to another sect, no matter how strong that teacher was, Elder Shen feared no one beneath the divine plan.

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Of course he had better settle things peacefully, after all, he did not want to expose Zhang Yi's talent by having to fight for him.

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