401 The Final War 5

Hearing this Long Feng can understand why Zhang Yi was angry, they should have thought that demons could also use the laws of space to come together and that was the only advantage they had in this fight.

"It seems that this way after a few days the strongest groups of demons will be able to unite and join their army, especially the demons of the Eternal Realm who can teleport from long distances."

Zhang Yi did not say anymore, he was also angry because he learned using Dao from his space that several smaller worlds had already been destroyed by demons and Zhang Yi had to be careful to send the attacking groups so that no strong demons appeared and killed them all.

"Do you want one to go to where this seventh level demon of the Eternal Realm is that you said?"

"No need, I already sent one of my clones there and this demon is fighting with my clone now, and I'm also monitoring where all the other seventh level demons in the Eternal Realm are."

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