397 The Final War 1

Only Zhang Yi could use this technique with his clones sometimes because he could still fight even without qi, but Zhang Yi did not believe that he and his clones could kill many demons.

The first thing that Zhang Yi did as soon as the distorted timeline ended was to take all the beasts, humans and elves that were within his mental energy world, and take them all out so they could go back to where they lived and see again. family or friends.

When Zhang Yi did this, Long Feng, who was the strongest of dragons and Zhang Yi's friend came to talk to him before he could return to his mental energy world, it seemed like everyone was wanting to talk to Zhang Yi.

"I wanted to thank you on behalf of all the beasts that have trained in the distorted timeline in the past few years, you were under no obligation to do any of this for any of us and after that training, we had 13 more Eternal Realm warriors and more than 100 warriors from Divine Realm."

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