106 The End of the Underworld Journey 9

The skeletons did not expect Zhang Yi to give up on using her speed to attack her and would attack in the same way as before, but soon reacted and began preparing their combined attacks to destroy Zhang Yi and the clones, Zhang Yi was in the realm of the spiritual sea so he could make 5 clones.

Zhang Yi was not intimidated and soon used the feather rain technique and attacked, Zhang Yi attacked 3 blows on each enemy and the clones used all 12 attacks of the technique for each enemy, at the same time Zhang Yi and the clones received the attacks of enemies.

The clones were eliminated by enemy attacks and Zhang Yi was able to defend himself easily, meanwhile, he was able to destroy 4 skeletons that were complete and the clones destroyed 5 more enemies, so 9 deadly tribulation realm skeletons were destroyed in one attack.

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