105 The End of the Underworld Journey 8

This fight would be different from previous ones, he could not only abuse his techniques to attack his enemies because even if the activation of the martial techniques were swift could still be perceived by the enemies.

In this fight he would have to attack quickly and be careful not to be attacked by the other groups of skeletons while attacking, so he decided to use his technique dignity of the Phoenix, so he would have much more power in his normal attacks and would try to dominate your enemies with speed.

With the sword of Spirit rank in hands Zhang Yi used various techniques of movement that had learned, the divine technique Lord of wind and lightning that he could use up to 10 times the normal velocity, presently he was 5 times Faster.

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He also used the technique of imaginary steps that enemies could not perceive and follow his movements much faster, the technique mirrored step that he moved so quickly that his enemies saw only post images.

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