102 The End of the Underworld Journey 5

Zhang Yi used some of his wooden qi and the twins could quickly recover from the impact of negative energy, the seed treasure that Zhang Yi took from the hope world had high wood powers and healing, so he could be an excellent doctor if he wanted to be.

After the twins recovered, they all made their way back through the tunnel until they met Lusserina and Saphielle again, both of them very happy to see that Zhang Yi was fine.

Naturally, they were concerned when they learned that Zhang Yi would face 3 enemies of the mortal tribulation realm and hundreds of thousands of more enemies stronger the core revolution realm.

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The first time Lusserina met Zhang Yi she knew he was powerful, but she didn't know exactly how strong he was when Zhang Yi massacred against the forest elves in Big Tree City, she was startled by what he did and thought that Zhang Yi was at least at the peak of the realm of the core revolution.

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