101 The End of the Underworld Journey 4

After combining with all, Zhang Yi went to face his enemies, fortunately, with the treasure of the phoenix flame essence, he could still kill his enemies easily after using the technique of sacred mastery.

So Zhang Yi intended to kill his enemies and soon go to face the next group, he knew he could no longer strengthen easily so it was better to end this world quickly, Zhang Yi already thought what reward could be gained after destroying this underworld.

Zhang Yi advanced against the first group of enemies, so as it arrived differently from other times the enemies of the mortal tribulation realm advanced against Zhang Yi to fight, the enemies were smarter and wanted to finish Zheng Yi before he did anything.

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Fortunately, Zhang Yi was faster and immediately activated his sacred domain, as soon as the three enemy skeletons of the mortal tribulation realm entered the domain, they lost 50 percent of their strength and retreated.

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