100 The End of the Underworld Journey 3

"This next fight will be much more problematic and dangerous than the others, you should stay away from me this time, I don't think I can feel safe with you around me with all the enemies attacking me."

Earlier, as enemies were at most from the spiritual sea realm and the others were from the core revolution realm, Zhang Yi realized that the safest place was closer to him, after all even the enemies of the spiritual sea realm could only use 10 percent of total power.

Even though it was only in the underworld because the enemies were skeletons and were much weakened by the laws that Zhang Yi understood if outside their enemies could use up to 30 percent of their forces.

It may not seem very different to use 10 or 30 percent, but the enemies were sometimes from the peak of the spiritual sea realm that was almost 4 times the strength of someone at the beginning of the spiritual sea realm.

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