108 The End of the Underworld Journey 11

After a few days, Zhang Yi fixed the armor and could even reinforce it, in those months as he fought the toughest enemies he still went on every night whenever he could do the double cultivation with Lusserina and Saphielle and so they got stronger.

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In recent months they have grown their cultivation by two layers, Lusserina has reached the supreme layer of the core revolution realm and Saphielle can reach the peak of the core revolution realm.

In a few more months they could reach the same cultivation realm as him in the spiritual sea, of course, they would still be much weaker than he was in the realm of the core revolution when everyone was in the same realm.

Zhang Yi also thought that if he saw that he could no longer defeat his enemies he should wait a few years to cultivate and reach the realm of mortal tribulation, at which point he would be sure to face his enemies in the same realm as he.

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