107 The End of the Underworld Journey 10

Fortunately, the dragon scales he had covering his body and his body fortified by body refinement allowed him to protect himself from most of the attack, with the dignity of the activated phoenix his regenerative abilities surpassed the limits and his wounds recovered quickly.

It didn't change the fact that he had no idea how he could win this fight, he was under half his qi and could no longer use his clone technique in this fight, yet he had a smile on his face.

After all, after many months he can finally realize after this attack the laws of this negative energy, normally that would be very difficult because it was almost exclusive undead energy, but Zhang Yi has always had a divine talent and insight and can realize that.

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He got some clues after years of fighting the skeletons after he saw how the realm of the mortal tribulation realm could reinforce the others he can further understand the negative energy.

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