98 The End of the Journey to the Underworld 1

It would take him at least another year to learn the basics of all these techniques, that was the last time Zhang Yi hoped could reach the end of this underworld, after all, he didn't expect the enemies to be endless.

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After these three months, he also reached the advanced layer of the core revolution realm, Zhang Yi was confident that he would reach his other levels of cultivation before leaving here, after all in another 9 months he would reach the realm of the spiritual sea.

He knew his calculations were wrong and could not advance his cultivation so easily, but the only thing that mattered was that his treasures would begin to become increasingly useful now after all his treasures are always a realm above his real cultivation.

So when he reached the realm of the spiritual sea his essence of the phoenix flame and the other treasures would also reach the realm of mortal tribulation, when he reached that point he would be the strongest of the blue moon continent.

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