109 The End of the Journey to the Underworld 12

When Zhang Yi returned discouraged from the fight, but without any injury, all his teammates understood that something had gone wrong in the fights, they waited for a few hours before Zhang Yi recovered and decided to tell what happened.

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"I have bad news to tell, it seems that I underestimated the difficulty of this underworld, I have already managed to find out the end of this underworld and even the final strength of the enemies, which is why I was so determined to move fast."

"I had confidence in my strength and thought I could easily destroy this world so we could all go back to the house, but the enemies turned out to be more difficult than I thought and so I found that I can't do it with my current strength."

"So I decided to spend some time training to improve my strength until I have confidence and certainty that I will destroy this world once and for all."

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