285 Sword Sect Again 9

Luckily, Zhang Yi can recover faster this time and get out of this place, otherwise, these divine realm elders would surely have captured him and perhaps even killed him using a soul search to know what really happened in this place.

"What happened in this place? I felt a strong concentration of spiritual energy and thought it might be a treasure or a fight between divine realm warriors, but it seems that nothing happened in this place."

"It's really strange, I felt it could be a celestial tribulation by the way spiritual energy gathered in this place, but no one in the Mortal Tribulation realm would have such a strong tribulation, only if some divine realm warrior helped."

"I thought I could be a warrior who used a taboo technique and had to go through a high-level tribulation because of this, but no one could go through tribulation with such spiritual energy and still create a barrier to protect the place and get out alive."

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