282 Sword Sect Again 6

Zhang Yi couldn't talk about it with his masters who didn't have good love relationships for all he knew, nor did anyone else know about the fact that he'd used a taboo technique to go back in the past.

Even ashamed Zhang Yi had no choice but to go to his mother to talk about it, Mary was the only person who knew everything he had been through and liked him well enough and knew the subject to give good advice.

Mary was also interested when Zhang Yi talked about Lu Bi, she had heard all about Zhang Yi's life and so it never bothered him to find a wife even though Zhang Yi was already over 55 years old.

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She understood that as the life span of cultivators was different he was still very young in the cultivation world and even she who was over 80 was also young, plus she knew that Zhang Yi had 4 wives who actually still were not born at this time.

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