281 Sword Sect Again 5

All that was known was that the two were Sword Sect's greatest geniuses and that they had done hundreds of missions in those successful years just together, many difficult missions that should be done by more people.

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After so long the sect no longer cared about Zhang Yi's loyalty and everyone knew that Lu Bi's improvement in those years was related to the fact that she was doing missions with Zhang Yi.

In addition, the sect and elder Wang began to think it would be interesting for them to end up having a relationship and even getting married, so even if one day Zhang Yi left the sect because he had two masters who were in other sects, he would still have one very good relationship with Sword Sect.

Sword Sect had really thought before that maybe Lu Bi was one of the sect's greatest geniuses, after spending those years with Zhang Yi this improvement of her was increasingly apparent and the elders thought it was because she had feelings for Zhang Yi.

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