278 Sword Sect Again 2

So the elders wondered how they could make Zhang Yi have a greater sense of loyalty to the sect since even though he was an incredible talent he had not used any of their cultivation techniques and not even the cult's cultivation resources.

That meant they could cultivate quickly even if they were in the Serenity Sect which was his master's sect or even his other master's sect, the only thing they knew Zhang Yi liked in the sect was elder Wang Zou and Lu Bi.

After thinking for a while they decided that they could send Zhang Yi to do some missions with Lu Bi and thus bring them closer while Lu Bi could teach him some things.

For that it would have to be some early Realm of Emptiness warrior missions and pretty easy to ensure that the two would not be in danger, just like Zhang Yi, Lu Bi was not well known to the other sects and so it was safe to send her on these missions.

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