286 Sword Sect Again 10

Currently, none of the sect's chief disciples had advanced understanding in any law, because they spent most of their time cultivating to try to take advantage of their age advantage.

Another reason that made Zhang Yi respect elder Wang was that everyone knew that improving understanding of the law often depended on the cultivator's talent and luck, so these disciples preferred to invest more in cultivation than in the laws.

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Lu Bi had advanced understanding in two laws and was above level 5 in understanding the two laws, so it was only a matter of time before she reached a supreme understanding in one or perhaps both laws before 4,000 years.

Lu Bi was naturally very happy to receive a divine cult cultivation technique and was very grateful too and now the sect was even more loyal, Zhang Yi was also happy and pleased with it and thought that Lu Bi deserved it and that made him liked Sword Sect even better.

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