183 Sword Sect 7

At that time on the border, there were only soul-refinement realm warriors and soul-birth realm warriors, there were 7 soul-refinement realm warriors and nearly 20 soul-birth realm warriors.

It would be all right for Zhang Yi to return to the sect immediately to warn elder Du and the other deacons of the sect about what happened at the border and wait for them to come here, but if it did it would take at least a few weeks for Sword Sect to come to the border.

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After all, Sword Sect had no one at Zhang Yi's level of mastery of the laws of space so they couldn't move faster, and Zhang Yi didn't want to reveal his skills otherwise he would be very prominent in the sect.

So if Zhang Yi just came back to warn Western Sea Sect, he would have enough time to establish and reinforce their position at the border, and that situation could become a war and this place at the border would be an important point in that war.

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