180 Sword Sect 4

Along with the two warriors level 5, had other two level 6 warriors and one level 4 soul-birth realm warrior, this was no problem for Zhang Yi, but for Du Chen and Li Tang, this could be very difficult.

In addition, Zhang Yi had also decided not to stand out too much while doing this mission with the two of them, thinking a little about Zhang Yi didn't act and stepped back to ask what they both thought before deciding what to do.

"I found the two warriors who broke into our sect mine."

"Good, you're fast as always, Zhang Yi."

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"Is there any problem?"

"Yes, Du Chen, in addition to the two warriors who broke into our sect mine there are three more warriors, two of them are at level 6 and the other is at level 4, besides these two at level 5 I don't know if you think you'll be all right faced them all."

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