179 Sword Sect 3

As Zhang Yi had asked for another more difficult mission Elder Du sent them both with him again, Du Chen and Li Tang didn't really mind going on another mission without any rest, Du Chen knew well that he was responsible for Zhang Yi for the cause of elder Du.

And Li Tang enjoyed doing various missions, and even she thought this last mission had been too easy for them, they also respected Zhang Yi much more after the last mission and also hoped for a more difficult mission.

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With all in agreement, the next mission was organized much more quickly, this time the mission was to chase down two warriors who had attacked one of Sword Sect's high-level spirit stone mines.

The two warriors appeared to be at level 5 of the soul birth realm, which was the same level as Du Chen and Li Tang, but they could have more warriors involved or the report could be wrong and these two warriors were stronger than level 5.

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