186 Sword Sect 10

Another thing everyone could see was that no Sword Sect disciple would get hurt if he was close to where Zhang Yi was, nobody knew why this was happening, and only Elder Du suspected it was Zhang Yi who was somehow protecting them.

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Zhang Yi was protecting Du Chen and Li Tang who were close to him, and while doing so he also protected all the other disciples so that no one would suspect that he was doing anything.

Whenever a disciple was in danger Zhang Yi used the laws of time discreetly to disrupt Western Sea Sect members at the right time, he would do so when someone at Sword Sect was close to a fatal blow.

So in the fight between the disciples, Sword Sect was having an overwhelming victory, in the fight between the deacons Sword Sect was also winning over elder Du, Western Sea Sect had no elder like him protecting the sect, so they were at a disadvantage.

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