152 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 8

"But now I see that you believe in me and really want to go back to the continent, so I don't even think I'll need to hear from you."

"I'll be honest with you Zhang Yi, I believed you and I think most of the elders here in this place believe you too, but in fact even if we didn't believe you we would want to go back to the mainland."

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"We managed to get away from that desperate situation with less loss than we expected, but in fact, if we knew we were going to flee to this island where it is almost impossible to return to the mainland we would have decided to fight to the death."

"That's because we realize that our resources will run out in a few years and with the polluted spiritual energy of this place we will end up having to see our sect only weakening in the next hundreds of years."

Zhang Yi liked Li Wei's honesty because he had already realized that many elders did not really believe him and yet were very happy that they could return to the mainland.

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