151 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 7

At the sight of Zhang Yi's strength, everyone was surprised, many heard that Zhang Yi had the best results on the sect's talent tests, but reaching the realm of mortal tribulation before the age of 25 already surpassed everything they knew about talent.

Getting to this realm before the age of 200 would be reason enough for anyone to be called divine talent, Zhang Yi was something they didn't even know how to call, so no one else doubted how he got to this island alone.

"I asked elder Pan to gather everyone here today because I have some important information to give you all, then an important decision implying the sect's future has to be made."

When Zhang Yi said this everyone realized that the subject really had to be important, unfortunately, they could not imagine what this information would be and why they would have to take information when everyone knew they could not leave this island.

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