150 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 6

"The elders naturally accepted and didn't care about the people who lived here before, they just found it strange that the elders who came here in the past said nothing about having people living here, and that's because these people seemed to live here for hundreds of years for the facilities that existed here."

"Even though the people who lived here were not very strong, the elders did not worry about it, it was good for those people who lived here that our sect had no one bad, otherwise they could be destroyed."

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Zhang Yi did not agree with what the elders and elder Pan thought, as they had the ability to block their mental energy, and even sending the village down from the ground was likely to have the means to protect themselves against the Iron sect elders.

Zhang Yi suspected that they just didn't hide when the Iron sect appeared here this time because they knew the Iron sect would be here for a long time and they couldn't hide underground all their lives.

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