148 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 4

But Zhang Yi remembered well that he passed this island with Lusserina and Saphielle a few years ago and there was nothing on that island, Zhang Yi used his mental energy throughout the island and finally found out what had happened.

It seemed that he had relied too much on his mental energy and did not realize that below ground on this island there was a place where the people of this village could hide from all enemies, proof of this was that Zhang Yi could not perceive the hidden island a few years ago behind.

Zhang Yi had to confess that he was very arrogant before thinking that his mental energy was inevitable anywhere on this continent, but once his mental energy was restricted in the underworld that arrogance was over.

Of course, the biggest reason Zhang Yi didn't find this village was because his mental energy realm was so low if it was now he would find it even with this village being protected by a mental energy shield.

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