146 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 2

But with that, she realized that surely Zhang Yi had the strength to destroy the Rose sect easily, so it must be true that the Fire sects, the Yin and Yang sect, and the Leaf sect had indeed been destroyed.

That was what shocked her most, after all, she might not know for sure, but it seemed that Zhang Yi was at most 50 years old, so he was strong enough to destroy all the sects of the continent and become the master of the continent if he wanted to.

So she understood that it should be she who was begging for an alliance with the Iron sect and not the other way around, so Zhang Yi was very angry at her refusal to ally with the Iron sect.

"I'll be honest now Jia Wuying, believe me if you want, when I was in the Yin and Yang sect to destroy them, the elders were arguing that this was an opportunity to ally with the other two sects to destroy the Rose sect."

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