145 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 1

Zhang Yi did not take so long and realized that just like the other great sects all the elders of this sect were gathered, it was a great sight to see so many women gathered in one place.

Most of the women in the Rose sect were very beautiful, and it was difficult to find an uglier woman in the sect, so because cultivators always worked with spiritual energy it was possible to use some of that spiritual energy to preserve beauty.

Even though this amount of spiritual energy spent did not hinder much in the struggles, men did not want to waste so much just to maintain their appearance, even without it over time cultivating women naturally became more beautiful.

Another thing that Zhang Yi was impressed was that it was rare to see so many women in the realm of mortal tribulation and the realm of the spiritual sea together, even in the Yin and Yang sects and the Fire sect had not so many women, so perhaps the Yin and Yang sect wanted to get rid of the Rose sect.

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