154 Starting the Reconstruction of the Iron Sect 10

Even though Zhang Yi intended to hide nothing that had happened from his wives and told everything that had happened in recent days, everyone was happy when they learned that Zhang Yi had found his sect.

They were also happy when they learned that Zhang Yi did not have to kill anyone to make a deal with the Rose sect and understood why Zhang Yi was sad when he said that the people who helped him most in the sect a few years ago were dead.

After that Zhang Yi stayed with Lusserina and his other wives for a few days and finally realized that the elders had finished their preparations to return to the mainland, so he left his mental energy world unknowingly and returned to his place stay.

Zhang Yi waited a while because he realized someone had come to talk to him, but he was surprised when he realized that who came was the sect's master, he expected them to send someone just to warn him and not that Li Wei would come.

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