384 Retrieving the Divine Plane and Discovering the Truth 8

They also knew that cult members in the Divine Realm could not help that much in the war and the sects didn't even have 1 million members that could certainly reach the Eternal Realm and the Divine Realm.

They would send a few elders who could advance 1 or 2 levels in cultivation in these 1,200 years to further strengthen their sects and their army, Zhang Yi naturally knew that and also knew that Sword Sect and Serenity Sect would try to take advantage to send more members than the other sects for knowing Zhang Yi.

But Zhang Yi also did not want any sect to become too strong after this war against the demons was over, otherwise, those sects would dominate the other sects after the end of the war and that could cause another war in the future.

"I also think that an elder of the Eternal Realm is enough to help the members of each sect, after all, they are elders with thousands of years who already have cultivation techniques of the divine level at least I hope."

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