383 Retrieving the Divine Plane and Discovering the Truth 7

"Zhang An, my daughter, I know that you are smart and you know that there is something going on in the last few months here, the situation has gotten more complicated than I thought it would be and so something big is going to happen."

"Since many years before you were born a war had to happen and this war was started by me to make the world we live in a better place, I knew that there were bad people who did terrible things and I decided to end this and start a war."

"Everyone saw that this was a necessary war and so his father and mother sect brought together allies to make this war, we made this war and we won, but the divine plane sects underestimated the enemy and stopped the war before ending with enemies."

Zhang An was 16 years old and already knew everything an adult knew, but she liked how Zhang Yi spoke carefully around her, she knew this war well because her mother had told her everything without Zhang Yi knowing it.

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