382 Retrieving the Divine Plane and Discovering the Truth 6

By listening to Zhang Yi saying this, everyone could understand how difficult the situation in the world was and the danger of demons destroying the world was very real and they would all surely die in this war.

Even so, everyone waited because they wanted to see Zhang Yi give some solution to this situation, only then could they have any hope that they could defend themselves against the demons.

"Just like the demons said I have a secret, that secret is that I have a peak understanding of 13 different laws, and so using a technique I can kill anyone below the Emperor Realm, when I get to the Eternal Realm I can kill anyone below the Divine Realm."

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Hearing this, everyone who didn't know about Zhang Yi's real abilities was afraid of what might happen in the future, who knew that was not worried because Zhang Yi currently had enough strength to defend himself and in the situation that the world was in, no one would attack him.

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