379 Retrieving the Divine Plane and Discovering the Truth 3

That was the bad news because then they would have to fight the beasts directly and it would be difficult not to kill the opponents, but it was good because they could take this opportunity to go to the sects in isolation on the middle and the right side and increase further plus their army.

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Zhang Yi thought about it for a while but soon gave up on that idea, they already had a very strong army to fight the beasts that had invaded the divine plane, and if they used the sects that were most attacked by the beasts they might want to kill the beasts and that would cause the rage of the Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts sects.

Not to mention that it was very difficult to break the isolation of a large sect, the large sects would have to rely too much on Zhang Yi to risk breaking the isolation just because Zhang Yi said it was safe.

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