378 Retrieving the Divine Plane and Discovering the Truth 2

In order to more easily convince the Serenity Sect elders Zhang Yi took his master Wu Qinxin, the Serenity Sect elders received even better Zhang Yi than the Sword Sect elders, because Zhang Yi was under no obligation to save them from the divine plane.

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Even though like the Sword Sect the elders were bothered by being in a territory that was not theirs, they knew that if it weren't for Zhang Yi they could be dead or at the very least be trapped in their isolation for thousands of years spending all their resources accumulated sect.

So everyone from Serenity Sect was grateful to Zhang Yi, when they heard from Zhang Yi that he had reached an agreement with the Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts sects they were even happier, they could imagine what Zhang Yi had gone through to get that agreement.

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