377 Retrieving the Divine Plane and Discovering the Truth 1

"Many elders from that sect agreed to join the organization because of the power, and I helped to eliminate all members of the organization who were in that sect."

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"Still, there are some elders who were good men and others who were traitors, so I helped them because I am friends with good people from that sect."

Zhang Yi was sincere with the queen of the Phoenix sect, he could lie and say only good things or he could not even say that he helped Sacred Phoenix Sect or that his master was from that sect, but he didn't care what the queen Phoenix could think.

"You are really brave, I had a friendship with the first leaders of Sacred Phoenix Sect, I was the one who gave the lineages that started their sect, they also helped to prevent humans from continuing to attack my sect here at Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts."

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