394 Preparations for the Final War 8

Zhang Yi could only kill demons weaker than the fifth level of the Eternal Realm, but he was sure that most of the demons would be above the fourth level of the Eternal Realm so that he and his clones could stop only 12 demons and trust that his allies won the wars so that they had a chance to win.

Without Zhang Yi discovering the underworld and thus making the attacks against the demons, the war would be lost against more than 340 demons of the Eternal Realm, with this attack of him and the elite group of beasts led by Long Feng they could kill more than 100 demons and thus have more chances of winning in the war.

Long Feng understood well what Zhang Yi was thinking and really wanted to see how strong Zhang Yi was to know the hope that they would have in the war, he didn't know that Zhang Yi's clones could use this ability and he didn't even have to know.

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