392 Preparations for the Final War 6

[Something happened here, I am sure that the demons that were here were attacked and killed by someone, for the techniques that were used were the humans or the elves who did this.]

[This is impossible, it is impossible for this underworld to be found, we have never attacked any world so that we could be more hidden and it is quite a coincidence that we are attacked near the time that we will attack the divine plane and the Divine Sanctuary of the Beasts.]

[I didn't say it was a coincidence, it may have happened that somehow the humans found this place, Li Fu may have been captured and somehow the humans found out about our plan and where we are.]

[This is also impossible when we spoke to him less than 20 years ago, at that time he and the beasts had dominated the divine plane and few humans had survived, in those few years it is impossible that anything has changed.]

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