391 Preparations for the Final War 5

Zhang Yi naturally knew that he had to take advantage of this if they wanted to have any chance of winning, so in a short time they had killed 7 demons from the Eternal Realm after that Zhang Yi asked the beasts to wait a while and he used the clone technique and left one of his clones with the beasts and the others teleported.

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Zhang Yi could still only create 11 clones, but they all had 10 percent of his total attack which was now almost the same as an eighth-level Divine Realm warrior, Zhang Yi sent 8 of his clones to exterminate the Divine Realm demons and the demons that were below the Divine Realm.

Then two of his clones went to where the Eternal Realm demons were on the first level and Zhang Yi went to where a demon was on the second level of the Eternal Realm, Zhang Yi and his clones wasted no time and turned into dragons to use force maximum of them.

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