390 Preparations for the Final War 4

Using his strong mental energy Zhang Yi called Long Feng out of the territory where the beasts were training in isolation, Long Feng realized that Zhang Yi was calling him and went quickly because he thought it was an emergency for Zhang Yi to get out of training just missing 30 years to the end of the training.

When Long Feng saw Zhang Yi he was happy and soon disappointed, he never had any hope that Zhang Yi could get much stronger in these 1,200 years of training, for Long Feng if Zhang Yi could reach the sixth level of the Divine Realm it would already be one miracle.

So he was pleasantly surprised when he saw that Zhang Yi was at the ninth level of the Divine Realm, so Zhang Yi had exceeded his expectations, but he was disappointed because he thought that at the ninth level of the Divine Realm Zhang Yi could not change the outcome of a great war like this.

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