118 Preparation for the Final Battle 9

Zhang Yi kept advancing and even though his enemies grew stronger it made no difference from before, so Lusserina and Saphielle who saw Zhang Yi every day were also anxious for Zhang Yi to end this underworld at once.

After a few weeks he can finally face the penultimate group of skeletons, they had over 3 million skeletons being the majority of the core revolution realm while a part was really the core creation realm.

10,000 as always were from the realm of the spiritual sea and the strongest enemies were 99 skeletons of the mortal tribulation realm, even with the reinforcement these skeletons could cause each other to have only 44 percent of their total strength.

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If it was before Zhang Yi's advance this group would have 88 percent of full strength, but now they were fighting just to do some damage to Zhang Yi, after all with this advance he strengthened himself in many different ways that his enemies could do nothing else for him.

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