117 Preparation for the Final Battle 8

The only thing that didn't change was that Zhang Yi left them a few miles before he would face the group of enemy skeletons, he also used his clone technique that now didn't consume much of his qi and left a clone behind with the twins.

This was a change of treatment compared to the last time, one of the reasons was that now the twins were wives of Zhang Yi and after a year of getting together and cultivating double, it was impossible for Zhang Yi not to feel love for them.

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But the biggest reason was that before Zhang Yi couldn't afford to do something like this, his clones were instrumental in facing the skeletons of the mortal tribulation realm and the fighting strategies he had.

But after reaching the realm of mortal tribulation Zhang Yi was no longer afraid of his enemies, he was very frustrated in facing the skeletons using tricks and always getting hurt and betting everything on the fights.

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