116 Preparation for the Final Battle 7

So even though he knew he had an advantage, Zhang Yi didn't decide to take any chances and continued cultivating until he reached the peak of the spiritual sea realm in his qi, only by reaching the realm of mortal tribulation would he be safer.

In that year of training his wives also had a breakthrough, Saphielle can advance twice that year and reached the advanced layer of the spiritual sea realm, to commemorate that Zhang Yi one of the spirit-ranked swords he had kept for her and Lusserina.

He kept for all these years hoping that they would be qualified to use, even if they weren't going to participate in the next fights, it was better than they had the swords that were kept to themselves.

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Saphielle was thrilled with this because she remembered how long ago Zhang Yi received the spirit rank armor they wore and various other things, it seemed from that time Zhang Yi was thinking about their future.

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