111 Preparation for the Final Battle 2

In the next few days the twins spoke more openly and became very close friends with Lusserina and Saphielle, Luna even complained that Zhang Yi was too harsh with the words he used and Lusserina could only smile to hear that.

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She later told her that when she met Zhang Yi he seemed even much colder emotionally, he was much harder with words and deeds and had no sensitivity to even talking to her sometimes.

At that time Zhang Yi had not had much contact with people in general and besides cultivating had not talked much, not to mention that he was still with some negative feelings because of the millions of people he had killed in the war and was still insensitive.

Lusserina managed to fall in love with Zhang Yi in that situation because she from the beginning thought that Zhang Yi was the man of her destiny that she had been in love with as a child without even knowing since hearing the prophecy.

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