245 Meeting with Elder Su Lian 7

So his cultivation of mental energy and his body refinement would not reach the eleventh realm and would be forever delayed, Zhang Yi still had hopes that after killing Elder Su Lian the demon in his heart would disappear and he could continue cultivating.

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But now it seemed that the demon in his heart didn't want to give him time to cultivate normally even in the distorted timeline where 30 years inside is just 1 year outside.

Even so, Zhang Yi wanted this revenge and knew that he would die before he reached the realm of emptiness by cultivating normally, so he used one of the pills and soon felt a huge wave of spiritual energy entering his body.

This was a divine pill indeed and seemed to pass through his dantian to know what his real cultivation was, and only then gradually sent the spiritual energy necessary for him to cultivate and start advancing the layers and levels of cultivation to reach the emptiness realm.

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