244 Meeting with Elder Su Lian 6

"I know that, but unfortunately for what I will do, I can't count on anyone from the sect, it could be something that will cause a war on the whole divine plane and I don't think it's fair to involve Sword Sect in it."

"If I go and do what I have to do undiscovered I can avoid all the problems, I'm so sorry to have to get out of this very good sect for me."

"But do you really need to do this, Zhang Yi? It seems dangerous, with your talent you can wait a few thousand more years and you can even reach the divine realm and have the power to do what you want."

"I really wish I could wait, elder Lu, but I have a demon in my martial heart because of this situation, I feel that if I don't do what I have to do I can die in a few years."

When Zhang Yi spoke about the demon of his heart elder Wang and elder Lu could say no more, as warriors, they knew that when a demon appearing in a warrior's martial heart becomes a matter of life and death.

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