242 Meeting with Elder Su Lian 4

Zhang Yi naturally knew that he did not have thousands of years to live after killing Elder Su Lian, if he did not kill her he could even die within a few years of discovering the truth, so he would leave Sword Sect after this tournament and go to a secluded place and then enter his mental energy world and cultivate until he had the ability to kill her.

He knew he could even die without being able to kill her, after all, he would have to go inside the Sacred Phoenix Sect to kill elder Su Lian, after all, she would almost never leave the sect and after Sword Sect would kill almost all infiltrates in the divine Sect she would still be more careful after that.

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With his current mental energy, he might not be detected by the emperor's realm warriors, but it was impossible to hide from the divine realm elders and that would be the greatest danger to him.

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