240 Meeting with Elder Su Lian 2

At the beginning of the other day, 15 elders of the emperor's realm and Zhang Yi went to the sects to find the infiltrators of the soul-eater organization, they would start with the smaller sects where visits would be faster and last through the largest sects.

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Contrary to what one might think the sects were not happy with the visits of the Sword Sect elders, even though it was just a visit to show the hosts' respect for them these sects feared the Sword Sect investigations.

Larger sects might suspect that perhaps Sword Sect would be too afraid to investigate their sect and so they would be quieter, but those early sects that were weaker among the larger sects were still worried.

They just relaxed when they saw that Zhang Yi was together, so they thought it was not for any investigation because they had taken Zhang Yi, no one could imagine that Zhang Yi was the one investigating the infiltrators.

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