311 Meeting His Wives Again 9

Contrary to what Lusserina thought Falael was very happy to hear, she thought he would accept Zhang Yi's talent and because it was what she wanted, but Lusserina didn't think Falael would really be happy about it.

But that was because Lusserina could not imagine the complicated situation that the dark elves were in, the city with only Falael as the warrior of the Soul Birth realm had no strength to control the entire elven territory and so sometimes large villages appeared that could threaten his leadership.

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They had been without any kind of conflict or war for hundreds of years, but for warriors who lived thousands of years, these hundreds of years could be just the time of preparation for war.

The fact that Zhang Yi came up with those weapons and armor that were much stronger than the weapons the hope world currently had and that made the big villages think of attacking the city only showed how right Falael was.

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