310 Meeting His Wives Again 8

Even so, the city warriors did not wake up because they were very tired and in shock and would take a few days to wake up, and three city warriors were already dead before Zhang Yi arrived.

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"They are already fine, but it will take a few days to wake up, but unfortunately three city warriors have died."

"It's okay, I know you did your best, they were ready to die and you being able to save 7 of them is very good, I'm sure they will always be grateful to you and the city will be."

"I should thank them all, they fought to protect you all this time, if something happened to you I didn't know what I would do."

Lusserina was embarrassed after hearing what Zhang Yi said was practically a statement that he liked her, Zhang Yi had not been embarrassed because he loved Lusserina for many years and was married to her before going back in time so it was natural for him to say that.

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