308 Meeting His Wives Again 6

After talking for more than a week Zhang Yi sent 100 more swords and 100 armor when Lusserina returned to the city, this was a tip from Zhang Yi to Falael that every week Lusserina kept talking to him the city would receive 100 more swords and 100 Armor.

This time Lusserina can still safely return to the city and nothing has happened, but the spies of the great village who were in the way saw the returning warriors carrying their swords and armor.

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It was not an easy decision for the big villages to attack Lusserina because if something wrong happened the city would surely start a war against them, the big villages wanted the city to become the enemy of Zhang Yi and not theirs.

They decided that when Lusserina was coming back next time was the time for their attack, Lusserina reported what happened during the week and that Zhang Yi did not want to move to the city temporarily.

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